Green Leisure Group

The Green Leisure group is a collective of consultants with a heart for sustainability. Since 2005 they have been working on realising their mission: 'The hospitality sector fully sustainable in 2030’.

The hospitality sector is the social hub in our society. This sector is growing each year, and with it also the negative impact on the environment. Green Leisure aims to make the hospitality sector fully sustainable and works towards a future whereby entrepreneurship in the hospitality sector is becoming less at the expense of the environment and social inequality.

The Green Leisure Group is also specialised in certification schemes and advises and supports organisations in implementing and maintaining certificates such as Travelife for Hotels & Tour Operators, Blauwe Vlag, Vis & Seizoen, and EKO Keurmerk Horeca.

As a consultant for the Green Leisure Group I have worked on several projects such as the ‘Good Chef’ project from the Good Fish Foundation, and the Gaia Green Awards.

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