Building a sustainable tourism industry that works for everyone

Tourism and sustainability are a hot couple. Still, focusing on sustainability in tourism is believed to stand in the way of becoming a profitable organisation. But what if sustainability is the key?

This is Fair Sayari, and I’m going to help you get there.

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Implementing sustainability in operations

Focusing on sustainable products and services is one thing; taking on a sustainable business strategy is quite another. I advise you on how to “practice what you preach” and become a tourism organisation that focuses on sustainability in everything they do. Whether it’s about communication with partners and clients, recruitment, or your own carbon footprint.

Creating new sustainable products

Switching to sustainability tourism and purpose travel involves quite some changes in your product portfolio, but it also has an impact on the way you work. Where do you start? What will be your new focus points? Which partner organisations will you turn to? I help you set out a sustainability strategy that helps you become an organisation that’s both successful and responsible.


Many tour operators require their partners to comply with several sustainability standards and procedures. This is where certification comes in handy. Second, certifications can help you communicate the fact that you’re committed to doing your part in making tourism a fair industry, making you an attractive organisation in the eyes of travellers too. I know about the different certificates that are out there and how you can meet their requirements.


So you’ve got your sustainability strategy all figured out. How will you tell your target audiences? Responsible tourism may be an end in itself; you need to communicate your efforts in order to gain momentum as a responsible tourism organisation and a reliable partner. I advise you on how to incorporate your sustainability strategy in your marketing communication, so you can expand your client base and make an actual difference.

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I advise tourism companies and travellers, and I share my knowledge, so they can help build a sustainable tourism industry that works for everyone. Want to be part of the movement?

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