5 tips to communicate sustainability to your customers

Tour operators that put effort in implementing sustainability in their organisation and ensure their products have a positive impact, also have interest to communicate their commitment to sustainability. As tour operator, you want to inform your customer, but also educate them about sustainable tourism and the opportunities and benefits it brings along.

Throughout the whole tourism industry, companies face challenges when they attempt to communicate sustainability to their customers. The main reason is that customers are often unable to identify the relevancy and impact, unless this is clearly communicated. Thereby, they are not always triggered to read further, and they are confused about the definition of sustainability.

This blog gives you 5 tips to communicate sustainability to your customers the right way.

5 tips to communicate sustainability to your customers

Start with sustainable marketing

The concept of sustainable marketing aims to create awareness about sustainable tourism and to encourage customers to choose for sustainable holidays. As tour operator, you can increase the emotionality of your sustainable tourism marketing. Studies show that people almost always prefer more emotional communication about sustainable tourism.

1. Include a personal dialogue

People like stories, they like to use their imagination. Through storytelling you can forge personal connections. Share your experiences, your mission and vision about sustainability. What moves you to offer sustainable tourism and why is it so important? Include personal stories in your communication.

2. Address your customer directly

Make your marketing more personal and directly address your audience. Travellers are passionate, use this and turn sustainable tourism in a common goal. Include them by writing active texts to encourage them to take action and use words such as authentic, unique, exclusively and perfect.

3. Raise awareness and educate

Sustainable marketing focuses a great deal on raising awareness and educating potential customers about sustainable tourism. Inform them about the positive impact on the destination and show them the consequences of unsustainable tourism. Encourage customers to make more sustainable decisions.

4. Focus on the benefits of sustainability

The majority of people still sees more disadvantages than benefits when it comes to sustainable tourism. Turn their barriers into opportunities. What does sustainability add to the ordinary tourism product? Show them how your sustainable offer enhances their tourism experience!

5. Be original

Sustainability is often perceived as boring, so make it attractive and interesting. Be original and creative! Use beautiful pictures and videos and translate your sustainable mission and vision into eye-catching emails, advertisements and make your potential customer curious.

“Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer”

Exceptions to the rule

Overall, above five tips are highly beneficial to communicate sustainability to all customers you want to make aware of the benefits of sustainable tourism, and who you want to convince to book their next trip with your organisation.

The exception to the rule here is if you have a target group that is already interested in sustainability and where it influences their buying behaviour. Here you can focus on rational communication including additional detailed information and specific details.

With this group of customers, you have passed the point where you encourage and raise awareness, as you now simply inform your (potential) customers about your sustainability performance. The end goal is to move all your customers towards this group.

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