11 ways to make your office more sustainable

A foremost aspect of internal sustainable management is a sustainable office. Being a sustainable tour operator means running a green office and practicing what you preach! A sustainable workplace increases employee productivity, has a lower carbon footprint, stimulates the use of reusable and local products, and simply represents a healthy workplace.

There are a million ways to make your office more sustainable but at least half of them are expensive or not relevant for a tour operator’s office. In this blog I’ll give you 11 (easy) ways to make your office more sustainable and to get you on the right track!

1. Use reusable products

The easiest way to reduce on (plastic) waste is to use reusable cups, plates, cutlery, straws and all other products that you would need more than once. Invest in branded coffee cups and reduce your waste!

2. Buy sustainable and fair-trade coffee and tea

Maybe not the most obvious way to make your office sustainable, but have you thought about buying fair-trade coffee and tea for the office? Also think about buying local, organic and veggie lunch!

3. Go for a paperless office

By using less paper, you will reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, limit water and air pollution and massively reduce your impact on forests. If you are not able to go completely paperless, make sure your paper, business cards and brochures are FSC Certified.

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4. Turn off your equipment

As soon as you will pay attention to it, you’ll notice how much equipment is still using power while it’s not in use. Turn off printers and computers when not in use or have them activate sleep mode after 5 minutes. This will also extend their lifespan!

5. Buy energy saving equipment

You can save lots of energy when using energy saving products that are designed in such a way that they are capable of maximising small amounts of energy to run properly. No need to change all your equipment all at once but take it into account when shopping for new ones!

6. Turn off the lights

In all the offices I have worked before there is always one unused meeting room with the lights still on. Make it a habit and turn off the lights when your meeting is over to save on your energy bills!

7. Use environmentally friendly cleaning materials

When you use standard cleaning materials, harmful chemicals are being released into the environment. By using environmentally friendly materials you will help reduce water and air pollution. Too expensive? You can easily make it yourself!

8. Grow lots of plants

Let’s take greening the office literally and grow lots of plants in your office! Not only do plants green your office, they are also pretty good air purifiers and provide you with fresh and healthy air. Nothing is stopping you to create a jungle office! Take a look at the plants of Ogreen!

11 ways to make your office more sustainable title=

9. Separate your waste

We separate our waste to make it easier to recycle our products. When it’s done right, less waste will go to the landfill which makes it better for the environment and for people! Focus on a circular economy and make the world a cleaner place.

10. Switch to green energy

By using green energy, you will quickly reduce your carbon footprint. Renewable energy sources are better for the environment than burning fossil fuel and produce much less pollution. Feeling extra green? Look into the opportunities of installing your own solar panels or buy shares of a windmill.

11. Think about sustainable mobility

How accessible is your office? Can employees reach it by public transport, or do they always have to drive? Stimulate your employees (financially) to take the train or to carpool to work.

Let’s get to work!

There are many additional ways to make your office even more sustainable, but these 11 steps will get you on the right track! Start off with the easy steps and see what you can easily change to make your office more sustainable and a better workplace!

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