Fair Sayari's vision

The tourism industry is at a tipping point. International travel has never been this massive, making more and more countries dependent on foreign visitors. At the same time, travellers have a new interest for slow and meaningful experiences, which has created a new trend called purpose travel. Both developments force tourism companies to change the way they operate, and work on sustainability and profit at the same time.

The good news is that it can be done. You just have to know where to start. I believe that sustainability is the ultimate way to create a future-proof tourism industry and a win-win situation for everyone. I founded Fair Sayari to make sustainability easier for tour operators and to share knowledge to encourage them. Together we can build a tourism industry that works for everyone.

About Anne

I am a passionate change maker and fascinated by the tourism industry. I have traveled a lot and as a result I realised I want to contribute to a future-proof tourism industry that has a positive impact on people, wildlife and the environment.

For Travelife, I have coached over a hundred tour operators towards certification and helped them with the implementation of sustainable policies and practices. By working a lot ‘in the field’ and learning from different companies, I have a good idea of the possibilities of sustainability in the tourism industry.

With my academic skills, industry knowledge and a new, innovative view on the tourism sector, I support tour operators and destinations in their sustainable development. I do this through 1-on-1 consultancy, group training and preparation for audits of certification schemes Travelife for Tour Operators and Green Destinations. In addition, I write blogs to make sustainability easier and more accessible.

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